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Alicia Rypma, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Certified CMT

Alicia Rypma founded MARIN GYROTONIC STUDIO in April of 2004 as the first pure GYROTONIC Studio in Marin County, California. MARIN GYROTONIC STUDIO offers the most current and innovative teaching methods on only the newest and most advanced equipment available. Alicia holds certifications to offer training on the GYROTONIC Pulley Tower, the GYROTONIC ladder, the Jumping – Stretching Board and also group GYROKINESIS classes.

Alicia received her training from Master Trainers Debra Rose and Nora Heiber and received her certification from GYROTONIC Founder Juliu Horvath. Subsequent to receiving her Level 1 GYROTONIC Teaching credentials, Alicia took advanced training in Germany to receive certifications in GYROKINESIS and the Jumping - Stretching Board. Alicia has taken specialized training workshops to further her knowledge in offering training for advanced athletes, injury rehabilitation and the elderly. Continuing her education is still is a major focus of Alicia's ongoing commitment to being current in all that is offered through GYROTONIC.

From a young age Alicia has show a keen interest in the dynamic and diverse movements of the human body. As a child Alicia excelled in Gymnastics and ultimately competed at a national level while a member of the Canadian Gymnastics Team. Following competition Alicia opened her own Gymnastics School for the next 2 years teaching young children introductory Gymnastics. After teaching Gymnastics Alicia spent 2 years in advanced Massage Therapy schooling to become a Certified Massage Therapist which she practiced for 9 years.

Alicia's goal in creating MARIN GYROTONIC STUDIO is to produce an environment allowing individuals the freedom and inspiration to experience GYROTONIC and all it's benefits in the sanctity and warmth of her studio.

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Ten years of ball-chasing sports teams, two years of sitting behind a desk and the random run, six years of flamenco dance and hoisting a boom in the air for hours on end as a sound recordist for television and video all proved to be a bit too much for Gwen’s lumbar spine, and in 2004 she started to experience a nasty series of recurring back spasms. Determined to figure a way out of that mess, she went from modality to modality, eventually arriving at SF GYROTONIC door.

She was so impressed with her body’s response to the GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS systems that she decided to become a trainer, in hopes that she might help others access that same source of spinal strength and agility. She began her teacher training with Vincent Macagnone, Keli Fine and Debra Rose, and has been certified under Magali Massac, Debra Rose and Nora Heiber, to all of whom she is extremely grateful for having imparted above and beyond technical knowledge in their teachings. Gwen currently lives in San Francisco and continues to dance flamenco, and in the past few years has taken up contemporary dance and ballet (hooray for adult beginners!), and, staying true to her New York roots, walks just about everywhere – she does opt for the ferry to Tiburon instead of swimming, however.

Juliann Rhodes, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Certified CMT

Juliann returns to San Francisco GYROTONIC after spending a year and a half practicing meditation and yoga in Thailand, Burma, and India.

Juliann began studying GYROTONIC in 1996 at White Cloud West in order help heal an injury and to support her dance career. In 2001 she was certified in both GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS methodologies and later obtained certification in all of the specialized equipment. She has worked extensively with master trainers Debra Rose, Nora Heiber, and Tamara Yoneda. Juliann's teaching is informed by fifteen years as a professional classical and modern dancer. She has danced with Lines Ballet, the San Francisco Opera, Kunst-Stoff and Stephen Pelton Dance Theater to name a few. She has taught GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS in the Lines Ballet Pre-Professional Program, and the Dominican College BFA Dance Program. Additionally she has experience pre-training aspiring teachers.

Juliann focuses both on connecting the breath to movement as well as finding joy in exercise.

Elizabeth Jackson, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Certified CMT

Elizabeth Jackson has an extensive and diversified background in movement.
She is a fully certified GYROKINESIS and GYROTONIC trainer and a Pre-trainer in both. She is also certified on all of the specialized equipment. In 2006, Elizabeth trained with Yamuna Zake in NYC and became certified in Yamuna Body Rolling. In 2001 she tutored under Joseph Pilates most re-known student, Romana Kryzonowska, who certified her under the Pilates NY Guild. Soon after, Elizabeth became a teacher trainer for Peak Pilates. Along with completing several anatomy and physiology courses, Elizabeth has taken many yoga trainings and workshops with masters such as Angela Farmer, Anna Forrest, and Tom Myers. While receiving her BA in Liberal Arts from Harvard University, she taught group exercise at several gyms in Boston, MA and served for the US Army National Guard. Now residing in San Francisco, Elizabeth is an instructor at MARIN GYROTONIC STUDIO.


Andi Clegg is a newcomer to the Bay Area, hailing from New York and Chicago. She first fell in love with GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS while receiving her B.F.A. In Dance from the University of Illinois. Soon after Moving to New York she began studying with master trainers Mariarossa Guglielmi, Erika Hassan and Sebastian Plettenberg. Andi has a love of sports and outdoor adventures, including skiing, surfing, and rock climbing. She has also received grants to study traditional dance, music and culture in both Zimbabwe and Chile, and continues to dance professionally. She pulls from her dance and sports background in her teaching and understands how each clients' needs are unique. Andi is very happy to now be a part of MARIN GYROTONIC!


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